ABVP’s Ambedkar politic: ABVP wants copy of Constitution and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar statue, in JNU

ambedkarPolitical battle in JNU is still exists, after Kanhaiya Kumar controversy, now ABVP has started “Ambedkarite politics” in the Campus. In one more tactic on Social and Dalit issue, ABVP, a BJP’s student wing now wants to put a statue of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the JNU campus area.

Now a days we can clearly see that Congress and BJP is trying to attract Dalit people towards them, and to follow their path, BJP’s students wing ABVP thrown a card in same battle after demanding that the varsity’s central library be renamed B.R. Ambedkar library and a sculpture of the originator of the Indian Constitution be put in there. (Source: the Hindu)

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ABVP currently needs a replica of the ‘original’ Constitution to be placed up in the JNU. On this political tactic, the Left-affiliated student groups have put up the allegation that the ABVP and the BJP government are attacking students pursuing “Ambedkarite politics”.

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Union Joint Secretary Saurabh Sharma, belongs to ABVP, said to media that  “We want that the campus premises should have Dr. Ambedkar Status and  campus JNU  library be renamed Ambdekar library. Besides this we have demanded a replica of the original Constitution to be kept in the university” , “I request to the Registrar and the VC of JNU to look into our demands. We will also place a proposal in this regard before the varsity’s Academic Council (AC) in its next meeting,” he added.

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