Deodorant: How to choose, How to use and precautions

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Deodorant: How to choose, How to use and precautions? This are the some questions which comes in everybody mind before buying any Deodorant. Now days, maximum people are facing body odor problem.  The formation of body odors is mainly caused by skin glands excretions and bacterial activity.  The apocrine glands are mainly responsible for body odor because the sweat they produce is high in protein which bacteria can break down easily

A deodorant is kind of spray which prevent body odor caused by the bacterial breakdowns and sweat.

There are two types of spray in market: Antiperspirant deodorant spray and body spray. Antiperspirant sprays contain an aluminum-based chemical that will reduce body odor. Body sprays do not contain an antiperspirant, only fragrance. Their main function is to smell nice, not prevent sweating or odors.

Deodorant is become a necessity of our lifestyle, but if you have some confusion in your mind that what to buy to keep your underarms fresh and odor free, here we’ve got all the expert info you need to keep your pits in prime condition.

Antiperspirant vs. deodorant

You’ve probably noticed a couple different varieties of deodorants in the market: antiperspirant and deodorant. Deodorant tackles the bacteria that arises odor in your skin through sweat. Antiperspirant prevents the sweating and subsequent wetness under your arms altogether.

If you sweat less, a simple deodorant may work for you, but if you sweat a lot, choosing an antiperspirant is good option for you. “Most antiperspirants are made from aluminum salts to help temporarily plug the sweat glands,” said Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, D.C. For best results, choose a formulation that contains at least 10 percent aluminum chloride.

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How to Choose right Deodorant

There are many options available in the market, but before buying the same, you may take some time to find perfect choice for you.  When it comes to the basics, though, it all comes down to this:

  • You sweat less /much? If it’s an all-day event, you’ll need a time release formula.
  • Check your skin type first, sensitive skin or any skin conditions?If so, you will probably have to seek out an aluminum-free antiperspirant and deodorant.
  • Do you need one heavy on antimicrobial agents?Sometimes the alcohol just isn’t enough, as it can evaporate quickly when exposed.
  • Scented or Unscented?Some “unscented” brands still react with body chemistry to produce a faint smell that may not be appealing. Additionally, scented brands may clash with fragrances, or they just may not suit your body chemistry to your (and others) satisfaction. Even the powder scented versions don’t smell right on everyone. Most people have a general knowledge about what scents they prefer, so the choosing something similar will probably work for your deodorant, too.
  • Which application type you prefer? There are gels, sticks, creams, roll-on liquids and sprays. All work well, though the whole premise behind deodorant and antiperspirant is to apply it to the skin, not the hair covering it. So for men, you’re going to have to decide which method will be better for getting right to the pores.

How to Spray Deodorant

  • Consult a doctor if you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis.
  • Go to your local store to purchase a spray deodorant.
  • Choose a gentle spray if you have sensitive skin.
  • Test the fragrances.
  • Ensure your skin is clean before using the deodorant.
  • Shake the can for about 10 seconds.
  • Hold the can a few inches away from your armpit.

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